Senate Bill 2253 Update

Mar 14, 2023


As I told you at the training conference SB 2253 is going to the House Industry Business and Labor committee on Wednesday March 15 at 2:00 in the afternoon. In my opinion the committee needs to change the board makeup back to it’s original form, which was 3 licensed installers (brought forward by ndowra), 1 health department member, and 1 private citizen or Deq member. Or, they need to kill the bill.

In my opinion those are the only two options that will work for the contractor. The bill currently has the board makeup as 3 health dept practitioners chosen by them, 1 member from the DEQ chosen by them, and four licensed installers APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNOR.

Even If you trust there will be no politics involved in the 4 appointed installers it’s still a 4 to 4 board unable to break a tie decision at best. More than likely the contractors will have little if any actual voice. If they are allowed to take control of that board they will be granted powers they don’t currently have and shouldn’t have.

I urge you to come to the Capitol on Wednesday March 15th, at 2:00 pm. The House Industry & Business Committee will be meeting in room JW327C. Come and voice your opinion whether you support SB2253 as it currently is, or if you oppose SB2253 as it is currently written, and want to go back to the original board consisting of 3 contractors (appointed by ndowra, Not the Governor), 1 health dept. practitioner, and 1 private citizen.

This is the latest version of the bill the committee will be looking at, and in my opinion needs to be amended back to a Contractor run board


If you can’t make it to the Committee meeting, please call and or email the committee members listed on this link. Let them know your feelings either way.


Thank You,