Terry Novak Appointed Secretary of NDOWRA

Jan 5, 2024

Dear Members,

I hope this message finds you well this holiday season. It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the newly appointed Secretary of NDOWRA. I am Terry Novak, the Owner and Operator of Novak Septic, based in northeast North Dakota. Our focus at Novak Septic includes septic system installations and emergency maintenance throughout the year. In addition, we own a certified seed cleaning facility in Lankin, North Dakota and provide comprehensive excavation services.

The opportunity to be actively involved with NDOWRA and represent the septic installers of North Dakota is a responsibility that I embrace excitedly.  While drawing on my professional experience, I aim to contribute informed pragmatic guidance on the governance affecting our industry. I firmly believe in advocating for the interests of installers while maintaining a balanced commitment to delivering functional, economically accessible, and environmentally safe services. I am eager to contribute to discussions that should refine installation processes and create equity in regulatory support.

I welcome the opportunity to hear any concerns or inquiries you may have. If I am unable to provide an immediate answer, please rest assured that I will diligently work to obtain information for you.

Best regards and a Happy New Year.

Terry Novak
Owner Operator, Novak Septic LLC.